R930002013 05443203043500- Rexroth Dual counter balance

R930002013 05443203043500- Rexroth Dual counter balance

Product Code: R930002013 (05443203043500-VBSO-DE33-PL34-FZF5)
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Dual counterbalance



It provides static and dynamic control of load by regulating the flow IN and OUT of the actuator, through ports C1 and C2. This valve module includes 2 sections, each one composed by a check and a relief valve pilot assisted by pressure in the opposite line: the check section allows free flow into the actuator, then holds the load against reverse movement; with pilot pressure applied at the line across, the pressure setting of the relief is reduced in proportion to the stated ratio until opening and allowing controlled reverse flow. Back-pressure at V1 or V2 is additive to the pressure setting in all functions. 

Technical data

  • Operating pressure bar (psi): up to 210 (3000)
  • Max. flow: l/min (gpm) 150 (40)
  • Relief setting: at least 1.3 times the highest expected load.
  • Manifold material: Aluminium
  • Weight: see “Dimensions”
  • Fluid temperature range °C (°F): between -30 (-22) and +100 (212)

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