MBP-03-H-2080 Yuken Relief Modular Valve

MBP-03-H-2080 Yuken Relief Modular Valve

Brand: YUKEN
Product Code: MBP-03-H-2080
Availability: 2-4 weeks

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Relief Modular Valves


  • The minimum adjustment pressure equals the value obtained from the minimum adjustment pressure characteristics plus the tank line. This back pressure should include the value of the T-line pressure drop characteristics of the valves stacked to the base plate side of the modular valve.
  • To make pressure adjustment, loosen the lock nut and turn the pressure adjustment screw clockwise or anti-clockwise. For an increase of pressure, turn the screw clockwise. Be sure to re-tighten the lock nut firmly after making adjustment to the pressure.
  • In case of a small flow, the setting pressure may become unstable. To avoid this, refer to the minimum flow characteristic curve of the next page and use the valve within a range as shown with

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